CEPE LCDN node: Chemicals for Paints datasets for PEF calculations
Data stock: Chemicals for Paints, EF 3.1, 2022-11-22

Source data sets

Bos et al. 2016Publications and communicationsUndefined
Boulay et al. 2016Publications and communicationsArticle in periodical
Data on Agrofood and other datasets DatabasesSoftware or database
Data on Chemicals for paintsDatabasesSoftware or database
Data on Energy, transport, packaging, metals, end of life, incineration, plastics, electronicsDatabasesSoftware or database
Data on FeedDatabasesSoftware or database
Data on TextilesDatabasesSoftware or database
Data on the Production of ChemicalsDatabasesSoftware or database
EcoSpold FormatData set formatsMonograph
Environmental Footprint (EF) 3.0Compliance systemsUndefined