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Data set: Alkyd dispersion (02.00.001)

Full name
Alkyd dispersion; Technology mix; Production mix, at plant; 50% in water
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Materials production / Organic chemicals
Use advice for data set
Dataset to be used in Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCRs) and Organisation Environmental Footprint Sectoral Rules (OEFSRs) developed in the context of the Environmental Footprint pilot phase launched by the Commission in 2013. pilot phase.
Data set use approval
No official approval
General comment
The dataset represents the manufacture of raw materials for the paint industry. It is based on the models created for the CEPE Raw Material database, version 3 (European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists' Colours Industry; limited access), which have been updated with PEF-compliant background sources based on Ecoinvent 3.3 and process-based EF-compliant LCI datasets for energy and transport. The inventory is based on literature and background sources, following general assumptions for the paint industry. Biogenic carbon content 24,2%. Water content 50%
LCI Method Principle
LCI Method Approaches
  • Substitution - average, no correction
Completeness of product model
All relevant flows quantified
  • Independent internal review by
  • Independent internal review by
    Data quality indicators
    • Overall quality: Fair - 2.6
    • Methodological appropriateness and consistency: Good - 2.0
    • Precision: Fair - 2.9
    • Geographical representativeness: Fair - 2.8
    • Time representativeness: Good - 2.4
    • Technological representativeness: Fair - 2.8
License and access conditions
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Free of charge for some user types or use types
Access information
Users modelling PEF studies in the 26 PEFCRs/OEFCRs of the environmental footprint pilot phase, referring to access use and restrictions of the “End User License Agreement For the use of “Chemicals for Paints LCI Datasets for EU Environmental Footprinting (EF) implementation 2016-2020”, of CEPE aisbl”. For any other purpose, the permission from the dataset owner shall be taken (sustainability@cepe.org).
Owner of data set
CEPE, The European Council of the Paint, Printing ink, and Artists' Colours Industry
Technical purpose
Chemical substance used in the production of decorative coatings
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  • Technical requirements of the service contract for provision of "Chemicals for paints" process based PEF-compliant LCI (Overall compliance: Fully compliant)
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