CEPE LCDN node: Chemicals for Paints datasets for PEF calculations
Data stock: EF 2.0 Default root data stock [ Download ]


About CEPE

CEPE is the European association of Paint, Printing Inks and Artists’ colours manufacturers representing approximately 85% of the industry. There are various sub-sectors represented while one of them, the decorating paints sector who is also involved in the Product Environmental Footprint pilot phase for Decorative paints.

About this node

This node includes the needed Life Cycle Inventory information as described in the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules for Decorative Paints (PEFCR) for the specific paint raw materials which are not covered by the Chemicals database offered in another node (Ecoinvent LCDN node). The use of the datasets is strictly offered for the sake of the 24 PEFCR/OEFCRs within the context of the EF pilot phase (2017-2020). For more information, please read the End User License Agreement here and our cookie consent or contact Sustainability@cepe.org.

Note: Within the Environmental Footprint dataset, the results for water use might be overestimated and shall therefore be interpreted with caution. This problem has nothing to do with the impact assessment method or the implementability of EF methods, but occurred during the technical development of some datasets. All results remain valid and usable. The Environmental Footprint datasets will be updated in 2019 (which will automatically adjust the regionalized water flows).